Friends of AICM
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Friends of AICM.  Registered Charity Number 1011451


Friends of African International Christian Ministry was set up in 1992 to raise money for African International Christian Ministry (AICM), a Ugandan NGO, which supports the dispossessed Batwa (pygmy) community and other rural poor in southern Uganda. Uganda is the 29th poorest country in the World, with an average income of £1,920 per person (it is £35,440 in Britain – eighteen times higher) and the people helped by AICM are poor even by Ugandan standards. Problems which AICM attempts to alleviate are all related to extreme poverty and include ignorance, superstition, witchcraft, illiteracy, AIDS, malaria, parasites, stomach ulcers, brucellosis and other diseases which are unknown or easily treatable in Britain, bad nutrition, child labour and truancy, wife beating, child cruelty and neglect, early marriage, teenage pregnancy, exploitation of minorities, inadequate housing, soil erosion, begging, debt, desertion, adultery, drunkenness and rape. AICM provides primary education in highland areas where the government does not, engages in rural community development through training in agriculture, in flood and erosion prevention, in nutrition, hygiene and child care, through health initiatives (such as ante-natal training, HIV testing, immunisation and de-worming) and by setting up community savings and loan schemes. Through sponsorship, AICM arranges secondary education, which is not free in Uganda, for vulnerable children who would otherwise lack protection, care, food and clothes as well as an education. AICM also promotes housing improvements and advocates and lobbies for minority rights. AICM tackles superstition and witchcraft, anti-social behaviour, promiscuity and crime through evangelism which also provides people whose traditional way of life has been disrupted with the moral and ethical foundation of Christianity. All this takes dedicated staff who are prepared to travel to and live in extremely remote and inhospitable places, for not very much money (our primary school head teachers, for example, are paid £119 a month). AICM is entirely dependent on the Friends for salaries for the teachers, field workers and others who do this important work. Our prayer is that we could be able to recruit more staff and improve conditions and salaries through regular giving. If, after prayerful consideration, it is your pleasure to help AICM to help some of the World’s most helpless people by committing to regular monthly giving then please contact me on 01580 712161 or by email at with a view to setting up a standing order.