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Friends of AICM.  Registered Charity Number 1011451
Murubindi Appeal Covid19 Action

As with any other Ugandan family, there has not been enough food. We were worried about any possible spread of the virus to the family, and restricted movements and social gatherings have all been putting us under much tension. Food prices have increased, children are at home and they are always on the run in the neighborhoods which puts them under risk of the pandemic if cases were to be registered in our locality. We don’t have much on our plates, but thank God for He has always been our provider of the daily bread.

But because our God reigns, we have managed to go through all these challenges and have continued serving God through AICM reaching out to the most vulnerable communities in south-western Uganda.

                                                                                          Stephen Magezi  (AICM Evangelist)

Stephen`s message gives us an idea of the hardship imposed on everyone as a result of the lock down measures taken by government. For a time getting to and from banks was a problem and salaries for staff were held up, but we thank God that this has now been resolved. However much hardship has been felt within AICM and the local community, the rural communities and especially the Batwa who have been so badly affected.   Faith summarises:-

On 8th and 14th April, visits to Batwa communities, in association with Minority Rights Group for health temperature checks, informing them of the virus, and measures needed for protection and distribution of posho and soap.  On 20th and 21st May, with aid from Pilot Light, distribution of quantities of posho, beans and soap to Batwa communities. These food packs should keep  families fed for fifteen days, and the distribution also encompasses families with children attending the two AICM Batwa primary schools, who entirely rely on food distributed to these schools when they are in attendance.

Whilst lock down measures remain in place the situation for most remains very hard. There are plans for a gradual easing of measures, and for the return to school and colleges as we move into June. However nothing is certain and it is still very unclear as to whether the virus will spread. There will be increased hardship and suffering for some time to come. Friends of AICM have promised to support AICM as they seek to live out the love of God in reaching out to those in need. With this in mind there is a Corona Virus Emergency Appeal Fund.

This can be found  at

If you prefer, you can send a cheque directly to the FAICM treasurer whose details are:

Mr M Lloyd, “Greenleas”, Orchard Way, Cranbrook, Kent. TN17 3LN.

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